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New Season, New Projects, New Packages!

Skylar VanSteemburg

You may have noticed that things are changing around here... but we promise, they are for the better!

First off, we are so proud and thrilled and jump-out-of-our-seats happy to announce that we are officially on board for two brand new (incredible) volunteer doula programs in town: The Denver Health Doula Program, and the Mountain Midwifery Volunteer Doula Program. Both of these programs will enable us to offer compassionate, accessible and skilled doula support to those who would otherwise be unable to access it. This is an exciting step for our community, and we're psyched to be a part of it!

With the change of seasons, we are also rolling out some new changes to our services to better meet the needs of our clients. Based on your feedback, we are now offering two labor doula packages: the Full Moon and the Express. The Express Package is the same as our previous level-one doula package -- you get a complimentary consult with us, one prenatal visit, face-to-face labor support and one postpartum visit. We are finding that this package works really well for our clients who have given birth before or who are short on time! The Full Moon Package will become our new "basic" package -- you get all the services listed above, plus an additional prenatal meeting with us! Many of our clients who are welcoming their first kiddos or who have more in-depth hopes/intentions for their births have really enjoyed having a second prenatal meeting, so we decided to build it in!

You may also notice that we’ve bumped up our prices a bit to reflect the increased amount of time we’ll be working in-person with clients. Not to toot our own horn, but we think the benefits are totally worth it! In addition, slightly increasing our pricing helps cover the costs of the volunteer work that we’re doing. So, by working with us, you’re getting all the goodness Luna Doulas has to offer for yourself AND contributing to our big-picture hope that doula support can, and will, be accessible for all people. Your patronage directly enables us to extend our support and services to an underserved family in our community -- so thanks!! As always, we’re also committed to offering payment plans and sliding scale services to Luna Doulas clients on a case-by-case basis.

Want to learn more about what we do and how we can support you in your birth goals? Click here to contact us today!