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Skylar VanSteemburg

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Hi Everyone!

Wow, lots of updates for y'all.

Luna Doulas had an amazing year! We supported over 15 families through birth and postpartum, successfully designed & implemented an abortion doula curriculum & training with our amazing colleagues at the Colorado Doula Project, and helped get the Denver Health Doula Program -- a volunteer based free hospital doula service -- off the ground as some of the first volunteers. We are so happy that we've been able to stick to our mission of providing full spectrum care to so many folks around the Denver area. 

Additionally, Sierra accepted admission at Yale School of Nursing in their Certified Nurse Midwifery & Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Masters program. She departed for New Haven in early August, and Skylar has begun her prerequisite studies to apply to similar programs next year. 

In Sierra's (greatly missed) absence, Skylar has been wondering just where to take Luna Doulas next. Lo and behold a moment of perfect synchronicity: The Braving Doula Collective was ready to add a new doula to their mix! 

So what does this mean for Luna Doulas?

It means that not too much is changing! We will still post, update, and take clients much like we have been rocking for the past two years. The biggest and best change is that Skylar is now supported by a fantastic team of 4 doulas. Braving uses a team model to give clients the best support possible, just like LD, so it seems it will be a perfect fit. 

To learn more about Braving's team model of doula care for birth & postpartum, head on over to their website

While there is a little bit of sadness at letting go of something we've worked so hard on for so long, we know it's the right move and are so excited to be supported by the amazing team at Braving. 

Just like the moon waxes and wanes, we are constantly evolving, changing and shifting through life's cycles. 

Let's brave them together!

Much love, 

Skylar & Sierra