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"We had truly an incredible birth experience with the support of Skylar and Sierra. Their ability to listen closely, provide guidance in an absolutely inclusive way and share support when feeling lost in the 3 books you are reading at once were imperative when creating my birth intentions and then living them come the big event. While my partner, Chris was my main Coach in labor & delivery, Skylar was there every step of the way to support our connection. So happy they were part of the magic with us."




Jacki + Chris, Denver CO

"Sierra and Skylar were absolutely one of the most important parts of my birth experience... I was able to get through it and still have a wonderful birth experience because of the expert coaching and genuine care that I received. Likewise, the support they offered my husband during my pregnancy and labor was utterly priceless, and empowered him to manage the process in a way that was helpful for the both of us. Never did I feel judged nor uncomfortable around these ladies -- they embraced our unique family...and I am so grateful to have had their support and warmth to help us welcome our beautiful son..."

Tova + Adam, Arvada CO

Skylar and Sierra "are truly are there for you, no matter what your idea of a birth plan is….the love and support that we experienced from Sierra and Skylar will always be in our hearts. They will always be a part of our family. My husband is forever grateful for this duo. They are a birth partner’s best friend… Birth is one of the most important and intimate times in our lives, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way than to have these two women by our side.”

Belle + Lee, Denver CO



"Thank you so much for being there with us...When contractions really started, all I could do was listen to you breathe to remember to breathe myself.  Having your support during pushing, and even when I decided I'd had enough and I needed help with an epidural - your support was so needed in those moments.  We had such an amazing experience working with you. Better than we ever could've imagined! We've already said when we decide to have another child we'd definitely love to have you there with us again."

Sarah + Brian, Lakewood CO


"There are not many things I can imagine doing for thirty hours, let alone childbirth... I think I would have passed out in the first five minutes if I were actually going through it myself... Sierra and Skylar were there with us, providing support and guidance throughout the whole labor and birth... As a Dad (or deer in headlights if you prefer), their presence, calming demeanor and helpful suggestions for Brenda's comfort and well being made my duties easier and more manageable. I would highly recommend their doula services and would unequivocally wish to have them assist Brenda and I in any future childbirth endeavors, should we be so blessed. I am grateful to have shared this incredible experience with them."

Brenda + Jon, Aurora CO


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