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Full Spectrum Doulas in Denver + Boulder, CO

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Our Mission

LD + BDC = True LOve

Q: What's different in your approach with Braving Doula Collective?

Not much! With our combined skills, compassion, and time, we are able to bring you the best possible services with a bigger team. Learn more about Luna Doulas' & Braving Doula Collective's combined approach, vision, advocacy and mission here!



How It Started:

Skylar and Sierra met on their first day of their CAPPA Labor Doula training and immediately connected over a shared vision of inclusive, accessible doula support for all people. That day, we planted the seeds for Luna Doulas. 

We work as a team to provide excellent doula support and full spectrum care for every family and every choice. Click here to learn more about the unique way we work together to bring you the best support possible!


What is a Full Spectrum Doula?

Skylar and Sierra identify as “full spectrum doulas,” a term which may be new to you!

Full spectrum doulas envision pregnancy and birth as part of a spectrum of reproductive experiences - which also includes fertility, pregnancy prevention, miscarriage, abortion, surrogacy, and adoption - and we extend the doula model of care to all of the choices and outcomes across this spectrum. This means that we provide educational, informational, physical and emotional support to all people for all reproductive choices and experiences.

This philosophy imbues all of the work we do: we are pro-choice, which means that we trust in your ability to make the decisions that are right for you and your family from a place of informed consent; we are feminists; we are committed to inclusion and intersectionality; and we practice radical empathy which allows us to offer truly non-judgmental support.

Click here to learn more about our full spectrum doula services.